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Multi Login for Paltalk with (ChiNa-Widget)

Paltalk programs
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Multi Login for Paltalk with (ChiNa-Widget)

Postby ChiNa-Man » Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:51 am


Hi Guys,, First enter a room that you want to visit.

Copy the URL from top of the ROOM (Copy Room URL to Clipboard) it says!
Now Past the Link and remember you only need the last 10 diggits numbers,,

Examlpe my room link:

Take the last 10 numbers which is "1400252914" and
add at the end of the homemade link, I have made!

Past like this after: -->( ?gid= ): <<--- Room Nr/ID
Or <<--- Room Nr/ID

Now Copy one the 2 last links, past it in ur browser, you are fished!

By ChiNa-Man :roll:

EXAMLPE!!!!!!! EXAMLPE!!!!!!!!!! EXAMLPE!!!!!!!!
Here is my 2 website-links with ChiNa-Widget: HERE HERE

"I will be happy if you said THANKS"
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