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ION 8's Free Cams Trick! Topic is solved

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ION 8's Free Cams Trick!

Postby ION-8 » Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:50 am

Free Cams with Cameo Viewer in Firefox. No hacks, cracks or color name needed!

The cameo viewer has a glitch when it does not find flash properly installed in Internet Explorer causing it to loop cams with a small 3-5 second refreash in between viewing, this works on all chatrooms with this feature enabled (can find if enabled by visiting groups page as shown in video)

Uninstall your flash player
Download from Adobe

Run Uninstaller then download flash player.
Download Flash Player

Now that flash player is removed from your system and all your web browsers we will reinstall flash but ONLY for Firefox. You can do this by opening your internet explorer then running the installer you downloaded from Adobe, the installer will warn you that Internet Explorer is still open just continue with your install as normal.

Now open firefox and paste the cameo viewer link in your address bar
*Replace GROUPID with 9-10 digit Group ID # you find on the groups page
*ID=1 Small cameo viewer
*ID=2 Full size cameo viewer

Now you will enjoy free cams for more then a few seconds without a paying for a colored or even having to a log in your nickname at all!!
*Note only G and R rated rooms have cameo

To repair your flash install run the uninstaller agian and remove flash from your system, then Install flash player again with all messengers & web browsers closed and your back to normal.
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Re: ION 8's Free Cams Trick!  Topic is solved

Postby Tempermental » Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:19 pm

Finally a way to see cams for free, great post.
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