Auto Greeter

Paltalk Autogreeter is a program which you can use in paltalk rooms to send messages to people that come to the room. Most know this program as auto greeter or just plain greeter. It’s cool to use because it makes visitors to your rooms or friends welcome :)


  • All messages can be save in which ever design one wishes.
  • Welcome Back: Users can set it so if a person leaves the room then they come back they will receive a welcome back message.
  • Fader: You can fade messages.
  • Whispers greetings: You can send the greeting as a whispers that way others in the room won’t be able to see the greetings.

New in Paltalk Autogreeter 11

  • Updated with some of String codes so it can work on the new paltalk 11 and Up.

Older Versions: v.2 for Paltalk Build 461 and lower.

Download Paltalk Autogreeter

31 Responses to “Paltalk Autogreeter 11”

  1. nechal

    This greeter software not working can any one let me know how does it working thanks

  2. ChiNa-Man

    Usman, this is the wrong section to ask! This program does not have anything to do with Paltalk Logins! You have to login to our Main forum and ask question directly for Paltalk. Here is the link to our Main Forum

  3. imFiles

    There is not a connect button no more, just click on the drop down on the bottom of the program to connect to the room.

  4. imFiles

    I haven’t test it on 8.1 but I know it works on 8 so it should I think. And I will be updating programs soon to work with the new paltalk :)

  5. Sam

    Re-installed Version 11.1 today does not work. worked yesterday fine on 06-17-14.

    • Profile photo of Locohacker


      It should, cause I tested and build it in my XP computer :) have you tried it in XP and if its not working. Can you tell me what error you get. Thank

  6. Profile photo of amigo bom

    amigo bom

    bro locohacker , autogreeter 11 in win xp with new versions of pal simply no show more the room where i am connected , but win7 work ok,, any alternative of greeter for win xp? thanks bro

    • Profile photo of Locohacker


      Man I don’t know it should work I tested it on XP again to make sure and it worked for me :( have u use the greeter before and did it work on xp and are you the administrator of the xp computer?


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