Paltalk Music Bot - 1 (Main Page)

Paltalk Music Bot is a program that can be use in paltalk to play music. You will be able from the room to send commands to the bot so the bot does things which you want it to. This Music Bot is pretty easy to use and has lots of cool features.


  • Play unlimited amount of music.
  • AutoGreeter included: You will be able to use the greeter program withing the bot.
  • Podcast: With this feature you will be able to use stream radios to Podcast in the paltalk rooms.
  • Anouncer: You will be able to send announcement to the room.
  • Redot and Bounce commands included.

New in Paltalk Music Bot 11.5

  • Update for Paltalk 11.5 Build 581 and up with some of string Updates

Note: Most of the program features should work but there might be an issue with the bounce and redot feature, in order to make them work you might have to close and open the the room window again.

Older Versions: v.2s for Paltalk Build 461 and lower, 10.2 v3 For Paltalk 10.3 to 10.4 use this version 10.3 v.1
v.11 for Paltalk 11.4 and lower.

Download Paltalk Music Bot 11.5

14 Responses to “Paltalk Music Bot 11.5”

  1. Guest

    I will take a look at it and reload it again, bright away there is a new program which I’m working on call Paltalk Bot which includes the Music Bot check the forums it’s there :)

  2. Guest

    I have downloaded this and followed the direction per the Help page. For some reason it is not recognizing Guests. The nickname in which it is playing on in room can operate it, but no other Guests can. They have all been added and saved to the Guest list, but is a no go when it comes to their commands being recognized. Lisa~

  3. saiuk

    please update this for paltalk 11.0 build 532 this is a great tool.. hope you can update it please.. as it cant not detect what room is open..

  4. locohacker

    All program wil be update to paltalk 11 when it becomes final, I just want to make sure paltalk doesn’t make major changes before I do :)

  5. ChiNa-Man

    Thanks @Loco, I think that would be great! Ps, to @saiuk and everyone else => We will be putting up the new updates about each and every program on our Facebook Page! You can find our Facebook Page by either checking our frontpage, or Visit the Link Here =>

  6. ChiNa-Man

    Hi, Stopper, This product is not Working with the Latest Paltalk Version and Builds. Until Imfiles and LocoHacker updates the tool. I know infact that he knows about it! You can either come back here in a weeks time or later. Else go back to our front page and click on our FACEBOOK Account added as a button! Remember to LIKE our Facebook Page befor you can get the Updates.! The next Release will be for Paltalk 11.1 or Later….


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