TVK Cooltext 3.1 is a real cool program for paltalk, it send very design texts to the paltalk room. you have a lot of options to use in this TVK Cooltext 3.1. One thing this is a free version so not everything works. but ya can check it out to try it.

Download TVK Cooltext 3.1

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  1. Guest

    Well if you ever get it it might be good… Having donated using paypal… nothing, no contact and no program… so you tell me, good value for money?

  2. Guest1

    its ok when ut runs but you try to sort it if it goes down u cant get in tuch with them site is down and u are left with a cooltext what wont work

  3. Guest2

    cant find the person or on the net to ask why when you pay u cant get it fixed when it goes down trying now foe 5 month says out of range code 9 Locohacker: Please go to the forums for better help thanks


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