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    Ads Blocker Has Been Removed

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    You posted the same thing in two different threads. It must be really good huh?

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    “Welcome Fubuki, PM Me On Paltalk Name is (( PT Pirate )).”

    Fubuki does’nt use than name anymore so pointless checking the registry string for that username, Last time i seen fubuki he was using AMDclawhammer or something similar to that, By the way how come im not on VIP list ?? LOL

    “Welcome VIP You are one of the only one’s that get this msgbox Have a Fun Time :) From WOLF aka (( P”

    Its good to see people making programs for paltalk well done

    P.s incase ytour wondering how I know this infomation, I ripped your exe apart with a debugger because I dont trust other peoples programs that I dont know.

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    Hey where the adblocker I need it :) and I didnt save it :(

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    You all can get it off me on paltalk name is (( PT Pirate )) I make a new one the take paltalk today out and fixes someouther things about it if you all won’t it just pm me on paltalk i don’t come here a lot. So i don’t know what you all are saying to me ok thank’s from the WOLF

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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