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    Sup loco hackers!

    I made a fake myspace page of a very popular girl on paltalk(she sucks up to the reds),

    anyway somehow this bitch got paltalk to text ban me though I have never heard of such a ban.She said on the mic that she did,and when ever I type in the room or pm someone no one can see my text at all WTF LOL.I never got a pm from a co-admin or anything like that and Im just fucking pissed about it.

    Also since all this went down my mic breaks like a mother fucker(so much so that mic is useless) I have a good connection so I know its paltalk fucking with me.

    Has anyone heard of such a ban and what can I do about it?…I tried system restore but I have vista shit and I only had 1 restore point which did not go back far enough to do shit.


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    Reagrding the mic issue, I would realy doubt paltalk would make a “mic breakup” ban. It’s simply not worth the trouble or the risk of unexpected bugs.
    As good as your connection may be, there may be routing problems that cause lag, I had it once and finaly had to change ISP to solve it.
    First test your connection speed with against NY.
    Second you may do a trace route (tracert) to the voice server. You can find the voice server with netstat (usualy it is Most of them are unpingable but you can see hop or 2 before.

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    ok well, your mic is breaking up because of paltalk. The ban you have isn’t just a text ban, it what paltalk calls a “mic and text ban”. Pretty much prevents you from communicating in any room. When i used paltalk (even though i don’t remember what exactly gets banned), i’m pretty sure you can still remove it by using one of the old ban removers. They can be found on this webiste under the downloads section. You will have to register a new nickname with a new email address. Just follow all the steps on the ban remover and restart your pc, then create the new name with a new email and try logging on.

    There is a HD Serial # changer and a mac address changer that i would use instead of the once on the antiban. Remember you can change the HD Serial however you want as long as they are still numbers, but only change 1 or 2 characters in the mac address.

    You will have to register on the site to download:

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    Thanks DarkCoder I will try the mac address changer that you posted,I dl one called “SMAC Professional” but after I changed the mac I couldnt connect to my network so I will try yours.

    Anyway I emailed paltalk to try and take the high road and be nice but they havent responded like the fucking assholes they are,I want to fucking RAAAAAAAGGGEEEE!!!!
    Why not just ban somebody all together why the fuck would they just ban text and mic with no warning as to how long its going to,which I think it is FOREVER lol,Im just pissed about the 60$ I shelled out a month ago to renew my green nic.

    Thanks again for the help I will post back if I can get paltalk to remove the ban to maybe give advice to others that have gotten this ban. :|

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    Well just an update,paltalk has yet to respond to my emails,though I have only sent 3.

    The links that Darkcoder posted do work,but you might have to reset your router like I did for it to take affect.

    I talked to my friend that was banned and he said he just kept emailing them till they responded,which they did(he sent like 12 or somthing)but they did give him his green nics back so I will try that next and post back in awhile on what happens. :dave:

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    it’s a late reply , I got recently the “text & mic ban” cos co-admins didn’t like some of my programs :roll:

    The trick is to change your account e-mail 8)

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    I dont know if changing your email addy would do anything but it doesnt matter.After many emails I finally called them and the guy basiclly said that its a home office ban and only the person that can remove it was the person that put it on,which is not going to happen.

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