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  1. hey bro can you give me a link to download for paltalk a hack i can have fun with nd stuff thnx alot man or like bann bounce removals thnx again bro:pb:

  2. Hey CrackerToNy

    I’m doing the same with VMware and Paltalk 9.9-362 VIP.
    I can multi login but not join the same room with more than one nick.

    How you do to join with 4 nicks?

    EDIT: I tried using socks and it’s not working, they block it using the Windows registry or something else.

  3. @CrackerToNy wrote:

    This is a not Vmware Workstation this is VirtualBox, you can watch video at : http://www.cracker-tony.com
    and i can log with 5 nicks. 4 nicks on virtualbox and with 1 nick on my pc, or 2 nicks on MY PC and 2-3 nicks on one virtual box desktop.

    I already watch your video, one nick from your PC and one from VM (I can do it too).

    As far as I know both software are similar.
    Anyway, I have tried both software before to post and the result was the same.

    I only prefer VMware because I can clone virtual machines and didn’t need install new Windows XP every time.

    I can join with one nick from my PC and one from my VM, not more.
    I tried to clone VM and it’s not allowing to join the room, but if install Windows XP in a new VM I can join another nick to the same room.

    Then, they are blocking it using the Windows registry because if I install 5 Windows XP from scratch I can park 5 nicks in the same room (one per VM).

    I already try with old bans tricks, MAC change, HD serial change, registry changes… it’s not working fro Multi Pal yet.
    Is there any way to debug Paltalk and check what info from registry is using?

  4. @CrackerToNy wrote:

    in 1 GB Ram i can park 10 nicks in room
    2 GB Ram 15 nicks
    4 GB ram 30 nicks.
    only with Virtualbox and if you make Clone virtual machine is Like to create one user account on your original windows.
    if you create another windows with another HARD DISK not diferent hard disk
    then use Super Socks5cap on virtualbox you can park more than 5 nicknames.
    and VMvare workstation if you install windows you need key, serial. to active
    in virtualbox you don’t need to active windows. etc..

    Okey, lets go again…

    1) Download your files.

    1.VirtualBox Download: http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/3.2.2/VirtualBox-3.2.2-62321-Win.exe

    2.Windows for Vbox Download: http://rs230.rapidshare.com/files/306681058/Windows_Micro_XP_v0.82_Service_Pack_3__trees_.zip

    2) Create new Virtualbox
    3) Install Windows XP there (format NTFS)
    4) Download Radical Paltalk (Multi Paltalk 9.9.362 VIP)
    5) Install Multi Paltalk 9.9.362 VIP

    About: Multi Nicks In room
    you can park 4 nicks from virtualbox and 1 nick from your Original PC


    No work.

    I can’t park more than one nick at the same room.
    One from my PC and one from Virtualbox.

    Please check the attached screnshot.
    Let me know what I’m doing wrong please.

  5. well cracker tony i try out wot u mentioned in ur tut.. and goes well ty but i cant login on black nick even try vpn but its not working on virtual box any other software which work ya
    good wishes

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