3 Nicknames in 1 Chat Easly

Login 3 nicknames in one chatroom easily!
No Disconnections! No Proxies! No Cracks! No Virtual Machines!

Login first name in Paltalk Messenger

Login second name in Paltalk Express

Login third name in Paltalk Cameo Chat
http://express.paltalk.com/ptviewer.html?gid=1386732500&id=1 Small Viewer
http://express.paltalk.com/ptviewer.html?gid=1386732500&id=4 Large Viewer

*Replace 1386732500 with Group ID of choice

*Can also use my Cameo Spy [Download Here!] to check how many users & cams are in the room before joining & update the stats when viewing chat as a guest or registered user.

ION 8 :sn:

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