Add (paltalk) + (co-admin) in nickname (ChiNaTuts)

ADD (paltalk) – (co-admin) in your nickname

Many of you were asking me, how I did the co-admin trick, and some actually thought that I hacked one of Paltalks co-admins to use his/her ID for my Videos! looooooooool Very Funny and silly things have been said, but its just a trick 😀

I wanna show you guys my trick today, REVEALED ONLINE with the New Paltalk Version 10! Supported by

[youtubevideo:1fxqxqoz]A_nUQyJikjQ[/youtubevideo:1fxqxqoz] 1: Type “Regedit” in Start (Search or Run felt)!

2: Click and open HKEY_CURRENT_USER

3: Now find “SOFTWARE” click and open, and then find “PALTALK”!

4: In Paltalk (left felt) find your Nick-Name, Right Click and
choose “Rename”, now rename to what you want, like I choosed mine ChiNa-Test (paltalk)

5: Now go to the right side options and find the felt “nickname” and right click on it choose “modify” !

6: Now remember with modify you must enter same name as you did befor, so type it exactly as you renamed your nickname befor like “ChiNa-Test (paltalk)” ! So type it EXACTLY same letters/nickname here in modify “nickname”.

7: Remeber do not make one space more or less, and do not put any extra letter, else your paltalk wil not run!

::::::::::::::::::::::: IMPORTANT ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

8: If your paltalk keeps loading and loading and nothing happens , then it means you have made a mistake! Maybe some of the letters are wrong! What you can do is to DELETE your nickname from HKEY_Current_User, Paltalk, and close regedit! Start paltalk again and login with your nickname! Now go back to “Regedit, HKEY_Current_User, Paltalk” and do the same thing from STEP 4! So you will get all your optiones cleared out! Remeber to log out of Paltalk doing this!

Thats it!
Made by ChiNa-Boy & Afg-United

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