Ads Killer / Blocker (All Paltalk Builds)

IMPORTANT: Its very Important you Start the Software with Administrator Priviliges. Simply Right Click on the File and Choose “Run as Administrator“.

We are proud to present our first Beta release of the new Ads-Blocker for Paltalk Messenger. The new Adds Killer/Blocker Software Automatically finds your Current Paltalk Build and assigns the Classnames which it grabs from a Database Located on our Website and directly into “Paltalk Ads Killer” software where it then blocks the Ads in the following Spot, In the Chat-Room,  In Private Chat and Below Group/Room Search Options.

– Blocks Ads in Chat Room
– Blocks Ads in PM-Chat
– Blocks Ads in Group/Room Search


1) Right Click on “Ads Killer” and choose Run As Administrator

You will then see a Message if your Current Paltalk Build has been Found saying:
Success: Ads Killer Found Paltalk Build ….. Click OK to Kill All Ads.

3) Then Simply Click OK to Kill/Block the Ads.. Thats it.

You can also test any other Paltalk Version on your Computer. All you have to do is to Type the Build “30” and then Activate the Ad-Killer for any Paltalk Messenger Build.

Download Ads Killer / Blocker (All Paltalk Builds)

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