All Paltalk Builds (Balool & ChiNa-Paltalk)

Full releases from (Im-Integrations & Balool)
If you need any of the latest Paltalk Versions for Balool, then here is every single Paltalk Build or Patch for Balool and ofcourse ChiNa-Paltalk as well! Remember this will only work with Balool and ChiNa-Paltalk! You can ofcourse use is as NORMAL paltalk as well… Visit to download the latest build for

All Paltalk Builds (Patches) for Balool

Paltalk for ChiNa-Pal and Balool

Paltalk Build 436

Paltalk Build 435

Paltalk Build 431

Paltalk Build 430

Paltalk Build 422

Paltalk Build 419

Full Balool Installation TUT:
1: Make sure to install Microsoft NET. Framework 4.0 Client Profile first,
2: After NET. install Balool
3: Now after Installing NET. and Balool, you need to Install one of these Paltalk Builds Below! DONE

Important Notice: If you are using China-Paltalk then you dont need to follow this Tutorial, Only install NET. Framework, and then run China-Paltalk (1ClickInstaller). It will install Paltalk & Balool with 1Click

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