ATGBlackJack Beta v0.1

Hello guys …

It has been along time since I write another program. I got a few requests from the users for an online game for Paltalk.


I’m proudly to present you a new game to Paltalk Messenger BlackJack.

It’s coming soon … I’m expected to release it either by Wednesday 19,2011 or Thursday 20,2011.

Check out the version page to learn more.
Version Page

6 thoughts on “ATGBlackJack Beta v0.1

  1. Hey NVYE, Have you thought about making it into a plugin version for balool 2? Balool has progressed greatly. Developing plugins should be pretty straight forward for .net coders. There will be a tutorial out about development of plugins but there currently is source codes to plugins for balool 2 to get an idea how it works

  2. Just keep you guys up to date. Game is now completed. Setting up a few settings and get ready to publish the first version.

    Command available for the bot:
    bet – Bets
    donate user – Donate your money to a user
    bank – Check your money
    allin – Bet everything you have.

    There are many settings stuff

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