Paltalk Sharer

Paltalk Sharer is a program you can use in paltalk to share many things. You can share Web Browser activities as well as Media Player songs title. Media Players supported are Winamp, Spotify and Windows Media Player   Requirements: Microsoft NET.Framework 4.0 (Download Here) Browser Support: Internet Explorer Firefox Browser Chrome Browser Opera Browser Media … Read More

Media Player XL

Media Player XL is one of the coolest programs I ever seen made for Paltalk. With this program you can play all types of media files in Paltalk. Features: – Ability to Play MP3 Tracks from your Computer + Show Titles as Your Paltalk Away Message – Ability to Publish Song Name/Title as Away Message … Read More

Winamp Bot Mega

Winamp Bot Mega is a Great program which you as a user can control Winamp via the room. You can do real cool suff such as foward a song and Also has mic commands which you can all do easyly via your room. Complete Player Options: – Play Button – Rewind Button – Forwared Button … Read More

Paltalk Spotify Bot Beta

Paltalk Spotify Bot is program that users can use to control spotify via paltalk. This a great program and simple to use specially these days that alot of people are using Spofy to play their music in general. To use the Software, Always Start Spotify first, and then the Spotify Bot & Player Software. Then … Read More

Pal Locator v3.0

Pal Locator is a program that you can use to find out where the person location is in Paltalk. It has real cool features such as Flag display and more,   New Options in v3 Members Users Gender/Sex Members Age Nickname (Username) Basic Options Members user ID Members Country Name Membres Country Flag UID to … Read More

Paltalk X Profile Tool v3

X-Profile Tool v3 Please read first: Paltalk has officially removed the Guestbook Page, Mini Profile Page and other Users Profile Pages and Group Pages that we were using for our Programs, and especially XProfile Tool. This Includes the many Cool Options and Links Used in XProfile Tool v1 and v2. We even had a 3rd … Read More