TriviaMaster v3.7

TriviaMaster is a program you can use in Paltalk, Yahoo and other chat programs to have fun with trivia questions that are send to the room. Now users can interact with the bot and answer. This program has many features. There is a pro version which you can get to have even more fun. Updates: … Read More

KoolText v 2.0

KoolText has always been one of my favorites programs to use in Paltalk and sometime Yahoo 🙂 Thanks to @NVYE for updating it with some new features and Fixes, Basically is a program which you can use to send cool designs to the paltalk room or other chat programs, but I mainly use it for … Read More

HDMusicBot Professional v5.2

HDMusicBot is a free light weight multimedia player that plays and supports a wide variety of audio and video formats (mp3, wma, mpeg, flv, flac, etcs…). It also comes with a streaming server that enables you to stream media. HDMusicBot provides a simple, straightforward interface with standard playback controls. HDMusicBot allows the user to organize … Read More

ATGBlackJack v0.1

ATGBlackJack is a program made for paltalk for people that like playing Black Jack. NVYE made this program long time ago but I never put it up in the download section until someone was looking for a program like this, so I decided to put it up here for you guys. It has all the … Read More

RoomProtector v2.7

RoomProtector is a program for rooms admins in paltalk. This program makes it much easier for room owners to monitor their rooms. You can set commands as you wish. You will be able via your paltalk room send commands such as bounce to bounce people form your room. Another great command will be the mute … Read More

MusicMaster v2.2

MusicMaster is a paltalk music bot which can be use in paltalk rooms to play music. This program allows you and your friend to make song requests and play the tunes you like. This is the free version so some features may not work. New MusicMaster v2.2 Fixed: Error on open logs if log files … Read More

TriviaMaster v1.8

TriviaMaster is a cool program which you can use in paltalk rooms as well as yahoo to play trivia games. If you ever find yourself being bored while questing, grinding, raiding or just standing around in a city, you can use this add-on to host a fun quiz on Paltalk, or Yahoo Messenger. New in … Read More

KoolText v1.5

KoolText for Messengers allows you to send colorful flowers, popups to chatroom or private messages. This software supports multiple Instant Messenger, such as Paltalk, Beyluxe, and Yahoo. This software also come with greetings and postings. New in KoolText Updates: Fixed: Registration issue Fixed: Dance with loop Older Versions: v1.3 Download KoolText … Read More