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Auto-Reply PM’s v1.1

Auto-Reply PM’s is program you can use in paltalk to respond to PM when you away from patalk. It’s a real cool program that you can use so people don’t get mad when you are away 🙂
Before Starting the Auto-Reply PM’s, make sure that all your PM Windows are Closed.
1) Start your Auto-Reply PM’s,
2) Click on Away Button, To Activate it! (When Away, it replies only when you are AWAY)
3) You can also click on “Activate” button, It will reply any PM no matter what status you have, If Online or Away…. (I suggest you use “AWAY” Button, So it will only reply when you are away)
The Activate Button, will reply to any pm no matter what your status you set it to
4) Wait for someone to PM you
If you need more help Please go to the Auto-Reply PM’s Forum

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