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  1. Paltalk Admin Bot 10.2
    Paltalk Admin Bot 10.2 is a program that all room admins in paltalk must have. With this program you can control the room basically by itself. It comes with the greeter, announcer, autobouncer and a lot of more features.
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    • Auto Bounce: It can be set so when a user which the admin of the room wants to be automatically bounce it will do so, as well as auto mute.
    • Greeter: It has the AutoGreeter included.
    • Stats: You can see as well as save the stats of visitors to your room.
    • Seen Command: Users can ask if the person has being to the room and when.
    • And a lot more.

    New in Paltalk Admin Bot 10.2

    • This versions is meant to work with the new paltalk 10.2 versions.

    Paltalk Autogreeter 10.2
    Paltalk Autogreeter 10.2 is a program which you can use in paltalk rooms to send messages to people that come to the room. Most know this program as auto greeter or just plain greeter. It’s cool to use because it makes visitors to your rooms or friends welcome 🙂
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    • All messages can be save in which ever design one wishes.
    • Welcome Back: Users can set it so if a person leaves the room then they come back they will receive a welcome back message.
    • Fader: You can fade messages.
    • Whispers greetings: You can send the greeting as a whispers that way others in the room won’t be able to see the greetings.

    New in Paltalk Autogreeter 10.2

    • Updated with some of String codes so it can work on the new paltalk 10.2, has being tried up to paltalk beta 450.

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