Beyluxe Messenger – Source Code

Here is a Complete Source Code for Beyluxe Messenger / HiChatter.

I noticed too many Start using their Own Copies of Beyluxe Chat. Even some copies has been SOLD and still is being SOLD to forein countries such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia! I dont know if THIS VERSION particular was the one sold or any other versions.

And truth to be Told Beyluxe released their old Source code on Google Code Projects for everyone to Download. I know that it was Uploaded on the Month of May 2010. I dont know if it also was publicly released the same day as it was uploaded!

Here is the Link for the Full Source on Google Code Projects released by Beyluxe:

I know that there are at least 6 Other Websites that are using the Same Source Code without mentioning any names! If you wanted to start your own you might Download “Delphi Borland” and do some work on it befor you can start your own Chat!

Notice: You need to Build and Connect the Database Yourself. I am not a Delphi Dev but I am pretty sure this could come handy for many Delphi Users out there!

Download available from the Attachments Below!

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  1. ‘@Chike hahahah yeh right.. That was also one of the reasons I posted it on Im-Integrations first and left him a note as well about it

    @NVYE bro, I just noticed I am closing on you with my Post Counts lool 😀

  2. @Chike wrote:

    Departure is maybe the last one on this planet that still use delphi

    lol that would make me the last sensible programmer on this planet also right?

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