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I got a lot of requests from people asking for Beyluxe Music Bot, I’m thinking of making one this weekend. I was able to get Beyluxe’s text by Depature and AutoPilot’s helps. So I’m going to hook up those functions into the bot and I hopefully I’ll have the bot soon. If you’re interested in the bots let me know. I bet it’s going take a lot of time / research / coffe drink for this project, so if you’re interested post a reply for motivations thanks 🙂

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  1. nice, I can’nt wait to see what you come up with, If you need any help or advice just ask and I will help you as much as I can.

    P.s I have a working musicbot for beyluxe called “LiMp” but I have been lazy and never really finished it. Coded in delphi but should’nt be a problem to get ideas or port code from it if you needed.

  2. Yeah … I am wondering is there a way you can get total line count for TRichView using SendMessage ?

    COPYDATA doesn’t seem to return all the data. When I entered data, i was unable to capture the text, it captures other people text only

  3. yeap copydata only captures incoming text, The problem with beyluxe is it uses a 3rd party component to display the text, so its not a normal RichEdit20A control. I think your best bet if you want all text both ways plus other features that could be developed is by hooking the winsock send and receive function for beyluxe, this will allow you to get alot of useful information including people joining the rooms ect, parse out the crap you dont need and keep the stuff you do.

    COPYDATA works well if you dont need the user of the bot to issue commands(which he/she should’nt need to do because he/she has access to the bot). As for total line count you might need to keep a variable of type integer and just increase it with each line recived from COPYDATA

  4. Well … I sort of figure out the copy text thingy … what I did is I sent in the EM_SEL highlight the text send WM_COPY … which got the text to the clipboard fine. Works good.

    The only problem is that when there are so many text … the windows is flickering, and another thing that I want to find out is how check for how many lines there are so that I do not need to send the WM_COPY because it is wasting resources.

    PS: if you create a hooking class how do you determine multiple rooms ? or on multiple pms? is there a way you can do it?

  5. yup yup … it’s gonna be a lot of hard work … and time … for now i think it’s okay to have a flickering … util I figure out how to use the packing hooking. Let me know when you find out the hooking stuffs, i’m eager to learn. Thanks

    Framework 2.0. ||| Programming Language: VB.NET
    This can be written in C#, but I already have a lot of code in VB.NET so I’m going to reuse them 🙂

    Updated status:

  6. I was finally manage to hook up the !find and !add commands … I’ll release the bot on the weekends so you guys can test it ouy. It’s kind of flickering but it’s okay to use. I’ve tested the bot … the bot used average about 25MB to 35MB memory usage.

    Right now you’ll not be able to change the bot text yet (not for the one who can modify my database), but will coming soon.

  7. I thought to update some of my beyluxe programs I have made in the past to work with new beyluxe and noticed they changed from TRichEdit to TRichViewEdit, so I thought that was easy one to change on my code, but now I can’nt get SETTEXT API to work at all, very weird…

    I use and have and always used …

    SendRichEditHwnd = The handle to the TRichViewEdit, So what use to work fine is not working 🙁 Any thing you might be able to tell me to work this out NVYE? I know you use .net so you proberly go about it a whole diffrent way, In delphi I want to keep the text formatted so I use streams, If I remember correctly AutoPilot could send formatted text without streams as we could do the same in vb6

  8. I resolved the issue by using Paste Method then Send. The old method wasn’t working, as a temporary solution SendMessage PASTE work. (You have to copy your data to clipboard). I’m pretty sure this method will always work. Hope this helps

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