Beyluxe Window Handler

This program was made to work exclusively with Beyluxe Messenger.


      Show/Hide Windows


      Disable/Enable Flashing


    Minimizes to System Tray


Known Bugs:
None(Please Contact if you Find Any)

If you have any Questions or Comments, feel free to Post them.

One thought on “Beyluxe Window Handler

  1. Hey hey trapt, crazy long time no see. You hacked and wrecked any more decent working peoples computers recently? I know it was you. Shouldnt have been boasting about it. Good hacker doesnt look for rec or kudos. I owe you a BIG one maan. While these progs of trapts seem harmless under scrutiny, they become something else with the addition of another couple of lines of script. You have all been warned. Seeing you soon trapt my maan.

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