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  1. Hmm. I dont think there is such on our Forums. But even if there is one out there, it wont be Working on the new Camfrog Version. The new Camfrog is build under the QT Platform and can no longer be accessed through a 3rd Party or Native Software.

    I will defnitely reply back if I find any working version.

  2. UPDATES: After months of Testings and Working With Camfrog, We’ve managed to Developer a Bot Software for Camfrog. The new Camfrog Bot was originaly requested by Member Mytasicsm. The New Camfrog Bot Beta comes with a Winamp Player (Bot), Including a Greeter and Trivia Bot.

    And to make it easier for our Users, We’ve added the same Greeter & Trivia Options used in our Paltalk Bot Software.

    Now since we dont have much experience with Camfrog as Users, We have Provided the Camfrog Bot to Member Mytacism for testing purposes befor releasing it in public. This is to make sure we fix any bugs or issues befor the release.

    Options Added in The New Camfrog Bot Beta:

    • Winamp Bot (With Room Commands)
    • Greeter (Same as Paltalk Bot)
    • Trivia (Same as Paltalk Bot)
    • Lock & Release Mic


    Camfrog Winamp Bot, Greeter and Trivia Released.

    Download >> https://www.imfiles.com/paltalk/camfrog-winamp-bot/


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