KoolText v 2.0

KoolText has always been one of my favorites programs to use in Paltalk and sometime Yahoo 🙂 Thanks to @NVYE for updating it with some new features and Fixes, Basically is a program which you can use to send cool designs to the paltalk room or other chat programs, but I mainly use it for … Read More

Winamp Bot Mega

Winamp Bot Mega is a Great program which you as a user can control Winamp via the room. You can do real cool suff such as foward a song and Also has mic commands which you can all do easyly via your room. Complete Player Options: – Play Button – Rewind Button – Forwared Button … Read More

Paltalk Spotify Bot Beta

Paltalk Spotify Bot is program that users can use to control spotify via paltalk. This a great program and simple to use specially these days that alot of people are using Spofy to play their music in general. To use the Software, Always Start Spotify first, and then the Spotify Bot & Player Software. Then … Read More

Paltalk 11.2 Build 545

Paltalk Messenger

Paltalk 11.2 is a chat program which paltalk has updated and we have actually new things lol as ChiNa-Man noted in the forums 🙂 Another Version has been released. I can see the old Blue Welcome Notices on Welcome has been added for good now (hopefully). Plus the DarkRed/Bordeaux notices on welcome in the rooms … Read More