ChiNa-Auto Poster (www.ChiNa-Poster.TK)

Hi Everyone, I have just created an Auto Poster! Now you dont have to think about your posts looking un-professional. Well I didnt create it myself, I have uploaded every single file and made it READY for use. I started to get a bit lazy 😀 (Joking)! Well I never get tired of Posting..

China-Poster (Auto Poster & Generator)

You can use this for Demo Site Links or leave it empty


This is an Auto Poster for forums. This works in most of the forums, using the language and codes only in the forums! This will make it much easier for you to post your stuff online! Try to fill out the form and when you are done, click on GENERATE, and below copy the Generated text, and simply Past it in your POST….. And Done… Your post is finished and ready for publish!

Visit www.China-Poster.Tk
Visit China-Poster.99k.Org

You can also type Passwords for your POS

Webpage http://www.China-Poster.TK

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