ChiNa-Pal (Balool 3.0) (1ClickAuto+Emotes)


ChiNa-Paltalk is now ready for download with integrated Balool 3.0! Balool 3.0 presents the new addon “Shell Commands”! As far as developers and the owner palol have announced, it is still not fully finished….

With this amazing addon, you will be able to use all the commandsfor free with Balool 3.0. These commands are normaly used by paid paltalk subscriber! But with Balool you can do same thing for free. Check out Balool Youtube Channel for the Tutorials…..

1: First Install Microsoft NET. Framework befor ChiNa-Paltalk with integrated Balool!
2: After Installing NET.Framework, Install ChiNa-Paltalk and Balool 3.0 will be installed Automaticly!

Microsoft NET. Framework 4.0 Client Profile Download

:::::::::::::::::::EXTRA CHINAEMOTES:::::::::::::::::

Download Paltalk ChiNa-Emotes 2.0:

by ChiNa-Man (Aka ChiNa-Boy)a

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