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Does anyone have code that change the Paltalk banner text ?  Basically first open the admin panel change the text and close it.  I’m too lazy to look at the paltalk api, if anyone has it and would like to share is much appreciated.  Thanks

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  1. i have successfully wrote the function but in VB.NET

    Public Sub updateBanner(ByVal roomName As String, ByVal text As String)
    Me.sendWMCommandToRoomName(roomName, WMCommand.palAdminConsole)
    Dim hwnds As Integer() = WinAPIService.getWindowHwndsByText("Console - " & roomName)
    If (hwnds.Length > 0) Then
    Dim hwnd As Integer = hwnds(0)
    Dim bannerHwnd As Integer = WinAPIService.FindWindowEx(hwnd, 0&, "Edit", vbNullString)
    Call WinAPIService.SendMessageString(bannerHwnd, WinAPIService.WM_SETTEXT, 0&, New StringBuilder(text))
    Dim hwndButton As Integer = WinAPIService.findHwndByParentHwnd(hwnd, "Button", 17) 'Support all international versions
    Call WinAPIService.SendMessage(hwndButton, WinAPIService.WM_KEYDOWN, WinAPIService.VK_SPACE, 0&)
    Call WinAPIService.SendMessage(hwndButton, WinAPIService.WM_KEYUP, WinAPIService.VK_SPACE, 0&)
    End If
    End Sub
  2. My bad NYVE bro for not replying faster. Saw your message first now. I “almost” use the same method for submitting away messages. But I couldnt figure out why “Edit” did not work for the button for Paltalk Banner Messages. Eventually I gave up. But now you made this look so easy. Awesome job. I will test it out later this week!




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