Creating Your First Android App Site

I’m just putting this as reference πŸ™‚ so I know where to go to learn how to create my first app if I ever get the time πŸ™‚ This is a cool site for you to start check it

10 thoughts on “Creating Your First Android App Site

  1. You can ask, question if they will.

    First you need root access, how many people you know have rooted their phones?

    And I’m not sure you will be able to change or communicate with paltalk even with Xposed framework.

  2. Well Done bro… ITs always good to start somewhere and I take my hat off for that. If you did good or bad you still did it. I will be looking into it as soon as I get some time off after my Exams and maybe arround the Summer!

    And yeh about Stackoverflow. Chike is correct. I have had a lot of help offline for my Web Developing and PHP codings. Great place.

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