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As we all know that today you can find dusins of software that decompiles net and c products in matter of seconds. As I do use it myself to check indepencies and so on..

So here today I logged into our Friends Forum (Dutchplace) and I were told that someone had decompiled my/our Products. Some of the Source were decompiled correctly, and some were not!

The funny part is that I never protect my products, ever! I want it to be decompiled in purpose because the codes that I am using is already in our forums as source codes, and available for everyone… So no need for that. I saw that as a very weak thing, but still makes me laugh lol! :mrgreen:

So their decompiler had decompiled all the source files to a newer VB VERISON (2013). Our friends who are Admin and Mods on Dutch were waiting for my reaction befor taking any action! So thanks to them for that!

1: Auto-Reply Tool
2: Paltalk X Profile Tool
3: Twiza’s Mass Action
4: Pal-Locator

I guess as we all know there is not much of a possibility to protect the codes! And I never do that anyways, because I know that it can always be decompiled, but this time I will… So if you have any advice about this, please add your comments below!

I have attached the Decompiled Auto-Reply tool below, you could probably check it and see how and what part of it its done and with what software.. Maybe good for future products to be protected!

Thats all

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  1. ‘@NVYE, I know in your case it has been really bad! I saw your comments about some of your products were cracked/decompiled! But I guess I am gonna go for Obfuscating my products, plus add another layer of my own mix of BATCH ;D then I wanna see how they decompile it……

    Thanks NYVE for commenting

  2. So much for hard-work … I don’t think you can prevent from decompiling … but obfuscate your source code … makes it confuse … so that when human reads it … they confuse … that’s why I stay away from public method … 🙂 use internal or private methods … 🙂

  3. ‘@Bro Dep,The source does not look like Net.Reflector at all! And messed up. Not clearly done. But as you say there are many out there as we both know! I have added the Source, maybe something to catch! I really dont care 😀 about it… since Paltalk have closed the door on them, they have nothing else to do! Plus that they have noticed someone a lot better than them and in such a short period! So its pure boredom 😀 Thanks for reply bro

  4. I found the person who posted the stuff. Which is a known Vietnames Cracker, and also an old Paltalk.DarkBB member! Got all the info about this person. Dont wanna mention names!

    @Bro Departure, I def agree! I could NEVER EVER get as far as I am today, if it wasnt for everyone elses help. Something I never forget…

    Now one thing is to ask for the source, or simply allow people to have the source which I always been open for! I love sharing, and If any person asks for any source of any of my products then thats a totally different case! Like here the other this person was asking so nicely, I would share my private live with him too 😀 haha, Like 2 days ago in here.. .. But people doing this by decompiling our products and posting it in our own forum, thats a totally different thing! Plus the person posted it as a warning 😀 I dont get that! So this guy did not ask for any source…… And did it his way! Sad for him, good for us..

  5. Let me guess… Tiwie or what ever his name is? He has been stealing my stuff for years, he use to just use a resource editor to put his name on my paltalk patches, also a few programs I did for paltalk he did the same with a resource editor. Please do not refer to him as a cracker because he is not. I am not surprised he has been involved in stealing other people’s work again.

  6. @Departure wrote:

    Let me guess… Tiwie or what ever his name is? He has been stealing my stuff for years, he use to just use a resource editor to put his name on my paltalk patches, also a few programs I did for paltalk he did the same with a resource editor. Please do not refer to him as a cracker because he is not. I am not surprised he has been involved in stealing other people’s work again.

    Bro @Dep You got it 140% are correct. And ooo yeeh, I know all the stuff they have done, and I also heard about your latest Color-Picker that were also Cracked by these guys. Heard it from bro Pacman. But in this particlar case its one his friends, and a person from the same crew! So they are all hidden in forums, mostly in Imfiles and Dutchplace and Im-Integrations, I guess also my forum! I will later this week of it and will post all their names so they can be banned once for all from the forums! But the thing is that these guys are all known, and are members of our forums and on here! They keep going with undercover usernames. Now they have friend and a known member in our forums which leakes the info out, and I know now who he is! He is a big deal in this case, because he is the THE BEST FRIEND to these guys. I did I send him a message on Dutchplace and waiting for his reply. He is the key is in this case and if he wanted to stop it or not let this happen he can!

    Later this Month, I will add all their names and hopefully their IP’s in our Admin Section, So these guys can be Banned once and for all from the forums! And the Key Guy in our forums which I am really going to take in charge for all this is going. He will also be BANNED if he does not corporate! Since he is acting as a good member, and he is the main person behind this!

  7. @Chike wrote:

    I don’t need to obfuscate code I share it.

    haha … not sure if it applies here … but if we share it … we provide source code right … not binary form

  8. Why private methids cannot be decompiled?
    And why would you like to hide the code at all? If anything you may want to prevent people change the code to make it look like it is their’s. That’s not possible to do, but you can make it difficult enough to figure out that it won’t be worth the time.

  9. I didnt think someone would come to Decompile my/our products/. But now since it did happen, I really enjoy to see how much time the spend on me 😀 ! Guess I have people who admires our work!

    So for the haters, This just another blow. And I really enjoy it lol :D, It just showes that in a very short period of time I I have learned a lot and created the some of the best products so far! And as I said it befor, I say it again –> Now since Paltalk have tried to pay these Plastic-Crackers to stay of Cracking and doing bad things in pal, it looks like all the doors are closed for them! Now they have nothing else to do than starting to see what we guys do and how we do it!

  10. Even though … I don’t like people to crack … or reverse engineering my software … but I think it’s also a good thing if they do … because I rely on it to improve my coding style, add more secure layers to my software and adding encryption methods. Don’t you think so?

    For me … I think just let them check your forums and stuffs … since they are skilled … even you banned them … they still are able to get in through proxies.

  11. Good Point… I def agree NYVE… I also encrypted and added actually an extra layer on top of my products! I re-updated my products in all the forums, and thanks to Loco he also managed to re-upload my tools once again… But 🙄 I will not let them slip easily 😀 loolz ..

    Thanks for all the answers and the support to the Topic, as Its my first time with decompiling Topics. I have learned what is best to do when it comes to our hard work and how to deal with downfalls and the negative things that comes with it. I really appereciate all the answers, and as I learn day by day I will always remember all your advice!

    I will be away for a few days, going to finish my last exame and be with my family out of town! I was free for 3 days so I took my time in our forums. I guess its time to wrap up and get ready for the summer. I will see you all in a few days! I will be on and off, but not directly in the forums! God bless.

  12. What good point?

    If you have published your sources mo ome would have decopiled them. It’s not like you have written a line of code that was not written before. Much more sophisticated code is shared, without it you would not have Linux servers, Android phones, or even this forum.

  13. @Chike wrote:

    I don’t need to obfuscate code I share it.

    I agree, a good coder will always share their work, it also creates new idea’s and new challenges for the coder once there methods become standard amount other coders. China if people didn’t share the source code you wouldn’t have the skills to make the programs you have done so far

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