Does anyone know how to remove this ban?

I’m banned from a certain category, and heres the error message:

This account was in some way used innapproiprate in the past and is currently being restrcited from joining any room this category/or sub category (rc-5238)….

3 thoughts on “Does anyone know how to remove this ban?

  1. Hmmm, I dont wanna come up with Ideas, but you cant unban the name that is banned! You could probably use a Virtual Desktop / Workstation or even using a Good VPN and signin from Paltalk Express!

    Else my 2nd option is to do a good cleanup and try Disconnect your Internet and Modem for 8 Hours! And when you turn your PC on, you will automatically get a new ip because of you unactivity. But it depends on where you live and what kinda IP Configuration you have! If you have a FAST IP then this is not possible!

    Else this is all what I can tell! But I will for sure let you know that a Paltalk Ban is not like ANY other Chat or a Website ban! When you are Banned from Paltalk, your set to be In Jail. Period!

    Good luck with it!

  2. So it means that you are not able to Raise your hand or open your own room and be an admin for 1 year now?

    Then you musta have done something horribly wrong 😀 !

    You can still get your IP unbanned, but not the NICKNAME that has been banned by PALTALK!
    But now, I do not recommend you to Format your PC because I know that many have done it, but followed a wrong direction and were still banned! So dont take the chance! Instead buy a Professional VPN Connection and use Paltalk Express for Administrating your room and stuff!

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