Donations to Imfiles (New)

Donate to Imfiles (New) 2013

Sorry for being 6 or 7 years late by adding a Donate Button :D. After so many years of hard work on Imfiles, and free source programming and sharing our knowledge with others, we decided to add a Donate button for our members who wanted to show their appereciation through a small amount of Donations! The Donate Button is Located in our forum footer! We accept Donations only from users who can afford to donate!

The donation button is added for a good cause and for Imfiles to carry this forum and its work, plus the legacy and the hard work of our amazing developers. They have not gained more than what they have giving and teaching others throughout the years! And I am one of the students of this amazing forum and its developers.

Notice: We will be adding each and every Donations and users who have donated to our forums in here. And Dont worry, we wont add any Emails or Direct Names for the donations, even if you wanted be non anonymouse!

By Imfiles Team of Staff

Donations Made To – 2013

    Donations Juli 2013
    ChiNa-Man10,00 USD

One thought on “Donations to Imfiles (New)

  1. Thanks to each and everyone of the Developers on Imfiles, for all their amazing help and contribution to Imfiles. I have learned a lot durring the last few years and I couldnt be more greatfull than I am today. And thanks to Locohacker for adding the Donate button after my request for a few months now..

    Ps, I made this Donation when I was rich a few weeks ago :D.. Thanks to LocoHacker for confirming the donation!

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