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EasyBCD 2.3

EasyBCD 2.3 is a great tool you can use to create boot menus for your computer. I started using EasyBCD because I am dual booting my PC with Windows and Linux Mint, which is a great OS bright away. This program is so simple to use so you don’t have to do all the crazy work to make a boot menu.
Changes in this version EasyBCD 2.3:
New: Integrate an option to enable or disable metro bootloader
New: Standalone FreeDOS Support
New: BCD Deployment to USB on EFI installations
New: Dynamically update list of drives when USB is connected/disconnected
New: RTL support in EasyBCD UI for localizations that need it
New: Sign uninstall for Windows app compatibility
New: Only show system EFI entries if in expert mode
New: Use HTTPS for communication with update server
New: Persist user settings across versions
New: New setup icon
New: Add locale setting option to bootloader configuration
New: Set the default locale for new entries to match the bootmgr locale
New: Increase compatibility with screen reader software
Fixed: Crash on edit legacy menu entries if no bootgrabber boot partition
Fixed: Silent crashes/failure when creating bootable USBs on machines with unmounted boot partition
Fixed: Silent crash when attempting to create bootable USB in cases where BCD prep was incomplete
Fixed: Cannot deploy BCD to external USB on EFI machines
Fixed: EFI detection is case-sensitive to winload path
Fixed: EasyBCD does not use fallback fonts if Segoe UI or Consolas are not available
Fixed: Close existing EasyBCD instances on upgrade/install
Fixed: Invalid/corrupt/incompatible settings file causes EasyBCD crash on start
Fixed: EasyBCD gets stuck in EFI mode (even when selecting non-EFI BCD)
Fixed: Timeout does not update on summary after change
Fixed: Timeout counter sometimes remains disabled after switching from “skip” to “count down”
Fixed: EasyBCD locale detection is case-sensitive
Fixed: BootGrabber does not detect 64-bit Windows XP/2003 from within itself
Better support for creating bootable USBs in mixed EFI/MBR environments
Refresh BCD after updating options to reflect changes
Remove iReboot one-click download
Recursively prettify fonts for all form controls
Default main UI display to Segoe UI instead of Calibri
Only restart localization dialog if the locale was set/changed
Add Easy USB Creator to Useful Utilities
Add OEM Product Key Tool to Useful Utilities
Include link to localization thread in software
Replace specific Windows version numbers with generic text where possible

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