Facebook Exploit Used to DDOS site

Man this freaking little girl keeps using a Facebook exploit to ddos this site, like wtf I am thinking of suing Facebook maybe they give like 10 millions dollars lol 🙂

In case you get DDOS by this exploit make sure to block Facebook’s Servers. Here what I have block so far.
Read bout it here http://thehackernews.com/2014/04/vulnerability-allows-anyone-to-ddos.html
The shit is Facebook refuses to fix the damn exploit those rich asswhipes 🙂

3 thoughts on “Facebook Exploit Used to DDOS site

  1. I thought you can disable this by enable HOT LINK in the CPANEL configuration. Facebook won’t fix this issue because it allows user to use image from other side such as photo bucket. But I think you can report abusive users to facebook.

  2. Usually this type of stuff is only img src=” mainly for images.

    When you have an SRC = it downloads the image. CPanel provides Image HOT Link meaning that you can only do SRC from your site or provided site only. Otherwise it blocks it. But since you don’t have CPanel, i think you can prevent it using htaccess probably surf on the internet you’ll find a solution for it.

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