(Fake Page Load Trick) (HTML) For Forum & Site Owners

Ok guys, this is one of the greatest things I have found so far as codings and scripts…..

I have it on my own forum and to be honest, YES IT WORKS 😀

This is not either a code or a script… Its just basic html code, which is fake, but with blink of an
eye, you will think this works.. Well this trick make the users of your website think that entering a page or a website is going faster.. What this code does, when you Example visit “youtube.com” it will first load the images, and then show the whole content……… But what this code does, which is another Ajax trick is, when you enter a website like google, this code will take a fast Screenshot, and show it to you, untill the rest of the page loads.. It is something i found online, and here is the real explanation…

First the Code to add in your HEADER Template in most cases, (Add at the top of all content)


How does it work?

When a page posts back (for example when you click a button on a form), it normally causes a screen flicker as the page is redrawn. In a lot of cases the screen that is redrawn is very similar to the previous screen, and the flicker is an annoyance, disrupting the user’s experience. The Blendtrans function causes the old page to blend smoothly into the new one, rather than flickering.

A lot of the time, this gives an identical effect to an ajax style http request. The page appears to have stood absolutely still as just one part of it is updated.

This simple trick alone gives you about 50% of the benefit of ajax, with a 1% of the effort. Having said that, it’s absolutely limited to that one visual benefit, and limited to one browser.

by ChiNa-Man

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