Fake Super ims

asked for help from paltalk staff for an ongoing problem and have just been ignored

so thought the easy way forward is to say FUCK U PALTALK

fake Superims to pals and non pals alike : )

simply edit the username in this link the first USERNAME1 is the person who you want to get the message and the second USERNAME2 to the name you want to use (theres if u like)


psst you can use brackets and add dots to hide the (guest)

ENJOY ! r-

9 thoughts on “Fake Super ims

  1. just add a few nicks to the list
    double click them to super im them as santa(paltalk)
    confusing the hell out of pal lobby 1 looooooooool
    or mass message the whole list

    i only exposed this as it needs fixing !
    paltalk fix ya shit up !

    : )

  2. yes works still as of today
    ive been sending people into lobby 1 getting them to ask for the free gift santa (paltalk) has given them . .

    ive been using hotspot shield to mask my ip and pal-express to gather nicknames from rooms …………….
    and genrally causing havoc

    this exe is medianochie (co-admin)
    if u dont put anything in text-superim they cant see any difference in the real one
    belive me i had medianochie invited into a super im just to wind him up

    HAVE FUN !
    and medianochie F&*K you : )

  3. Not only did they ban brackets like ( ) it now has to be within 5-25 chars no major curse words & even common words like “please” have been banned from usage as well

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