Flood App (Text Flooder) For Viber & LINE Chat

 Flood App (Text Flooder)

For LINE & Viber Chat, Incl. Other QT Framework Chat Applications.

By China / imFiles.com

Tested Successfully With LINE and Viber Chat for Windows

Flood App was Requested through Private Chat by one of our Members here on imFiles for LINE Chat. After a few hours I’ve managed to create a simple Chat Flooder. The good thing about the Flood App Tool is that it may also work with other Chat Applications such as as WeChat and QQ International.

The one thing these applications has in common is that they are all built under the new Windows QT Development Framework. This means Flood-App Program will work on other Chat Applications supported with Windows QT Development Framework. Currently we have successfully tested Flood App with LINE and Viber for Windows.

Sample Flood App in LINE Chat (Screenshot)

Flood App in Viber Chat (Screenshot)

How to Use the Flood App ?

You have to first Download and Install LINE or Viber Chat Application Windows Computers. I have added the Links above the Screenshots.

1. For example on Viber, Start your Viber Chat Applications on Windows.

IMPORTANT: For LINE Chat, Start your LINE Chat Applications, and Click on “Chats” Icon on the Top first.

2. Now simply Double Click on a Username or a Group-Chat  to make the Chat Window show up (Popup).
3. And finally in your Flood-App Program Click on START button to start Sending Text Floods.

Notice: Befor clicking on START button always make sure the “Chat Window” of the User or Group-Chat is ALWAYS showing up and visible befor you can send Text Floods.

Download Viber and Line Chat

Download Viber Chat: http://www.viber.com/en/products/windows

Download LINE  Chat: http://line.me/en/download


6 thoughts on “Flood App (Text Flooder) For Viber & LINE Chat

  1. admin china .. for wechat do you have? im trying to use dis flood application but not working … thanks for share your apllication … iwant for wechat autflood thanks textback asap

  2. Its not working for WeChat. Sorry mate I am having my Exams and will be on a Short Vacation untill August. So I cant do anything right now. Try contact us back after the Month of August.

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