Flooder, Invisible Lagg & Mic Jacker By ION 8 (Updated)

Watch it on Youtube 😀

New Download Mirrors (12/12/10)

Once you have downloaded that text file type your message to a user in PM saying whatever then copy and paste whats in the text document into the pm after your text it will fill the pm box and now send pm

The user will only see what you have typed and be lagged for 3-4 seconds per send also works to jump mic 😈

Only Works on Paltalk Version 9

:sn: UPDATE:12/15/10 Added small app to simplify attack for everyone now just enter victim name select chatroom from dropdown and hit jack mic also has a flood option to flood a users PM with lagg


Merry Christmas Paltalk Users – ION 8

2 thoughts on “Flooder, Invisible Lagg & Mic Jacker By ION 8 (Updated)

  1. Here, This might help you a little… 😈
    This is a vary small and simple VB6 program that will automate the Mic Jacking Process and flooding users with the Invisible Lagg

    How to use: (if needed)
    Open Chat Room and PM with User on Mic
    Enter PM Users Nickname in Victim Box and Make Sure Chats Selected
    Then Hit “Jack the Mic”
    or Just Enter Victim Name and Hit “Send Flood”

    :sn: ION 8

  2. hey shame u cant send a stream of im`s with those characters in it from the send text examples here …..

    we certainly showed media up the other day
    he was handing out bans ,the same as the mexicans hand out free medical to illegals

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