Get passwords?

Now is there a way for me to get the admin password in paltalk express for ‘join as admin’?

Now is there a way for me to enter ‘locked’ chat room?

Thank you!


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  1. Nope, There is now way to get the Admin Password or getting access to a Locked room without the Password. Only if you are a Paltalk Red Admin you can do that. Including Join Invisibly in the rooms. But no way as a regular member.

  2. china cheat you are wrong even you are a redname you cannot enter room invisbly ifis a locked room with code , you have to get first the code from the console ,,lol i tried before with a redname baby

  3. @Wikileaks, My name is “China”, Not China-Cheat”.

    Did you even read the Question and my answer properly? I dont think you did.

    And about the Invisible Option I was trying to explain. There is special Menu option is called “Join Invisibly” and I believe its NOT available for all Red Admins. Only some Red-Admins like Co-Admins can join Rooms Invisibly.

    Look at this Screenshot below. You will see the “Right Click” Menu Option (Source from Paltalk.exe, Build 645)

    The left Image Shows the Default Menu With “Join Invisibly” Option (Only some Reds can see it)
    The right Image shows the Menu Options available for Basic Users (Most of the Red Admins see this too)

    If a Red Admin (Not all Reds) Right Clicks on a Room Name, they will see this Menu:

    • Join Room
    • Join Invisibly
    • Join as Admin
    • Follow

    Now once again, I dont think all Red Admins can see this Menu Option. Its also because I have been talking to Reds and they told me they dont have this option. But I know that some CO-Admins does have can access to it. I have encountered it myself.

    If  a Basic Users Clicks on a Room Name they will see this:

    • Join Room
    • Join Invisibly
    • Join as Admin
    • Follow

    As you can see the “Join Invisibly” Option is not available for Basic Users. That screenshot was taking from my Paltalk Username.

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