Goodbye Paltalk Classic

So as @Reformed_DJ pointed out the Paltalk classic is done, so our programs are done 🙁 lets hope we can work in the new paltalk although so far it has been hell 🙂
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  1. That is still “classic” Paltalk and I have had mixed results running some older bots (like the cam helper app) on 802. I am referring to the NEW GENERATION Paltalk. The new style similar to what they released on OSX,

    IF they get rid of support for Classic (I assume that means 602, 802 or any future version) then we don’t have any working bots any more. I am asking here because I know the creator of the bots I use for Music and Trivia are here as well….our room relies HEAVILY on trivia and music. We don’t use admin bots or anything else….I have used the CamHelper app and I have played with a bunch of the quick bounce and admin apps…but realistically the Music and Trivia are our daily bread and butter.

    Thank you all!

  2. Locohacker maybe you could update some of the bots to work with ZamTalk.It uses similar format as classic from older builds. If Pal pulls the plug on classic A lot will head over to Zam like they did last time pal threatend us of closing classic.Just a thought. I like the greeters and fast bounce bots.

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