9 thoughts on “How about Tapatalk support?

  1. @locohacker wrote:

    what like in the site, is it easy to do lol remember u talking to a lazy asz 🙂

    Where else?
    Just click activate and it take you to how to install and activate.
    So you can get posts on your phone and respond quickly :mrgreen:

  2. @locohacker wrote:

    Yo sorry for my late replies but how u can check it on pacman site cause I went and didn’t see how it works 🙄

    Like register a new nick?

  3. @locohacker wrote:

    Like what? it has to be simple so people don’t get confuse thou 🙂

    LOL yeah but npt too simple, look at pacman’s site see what he did.

  4. @locohacker wrote:

    Aigh 🙂 I been out so I can check it now lol

    While you at it try to make a more sophisticated signup question bots getting through it.
    Could be humans but I don’t think so

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