6 thoughts on “How do I see recent posts?

  1. I know is that bbpress doesn’t have that out of the box, I might be able to get a plugin to do it. We have recent topics here https://www.imfiles.com/view/latest-topics/ I know the widget on the frontpage shows topics with recent posts but it doesn’t go directly to the recent post it just takes you to the start of the topic  🙂 ehhehe is a pain but I am gonna look into it to see if I can add a plugin or something.

  2. You gonna do it someday soon before I die?
    Recent posts is maybe the most important feature forums have. How on earth one would know if there is a new post in their topic without it?
    Making your life easier on the expance of forums usability is not such a great idea.

  3. I know, I looking for a good plugin but I don’t know why none of them directly connect to the news post is always take u to the topic

    The answer is simple, you change from good forums software that require little work, to crap forums software theat require a lot of work.
    Now I how you know to apreciate all the BS I had to go through to fix your code which included installing VB6 on my XP and re-learbing how to code a line in VB6. and get that thing working

    BTW on XP I could not see the text in reply editor not i could switch to visual in IE 8.

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