how remove ban with paltalk 9.9?

recently one of my ID`S banned from a room and as a result i can not log with my original Id into the room any solution plz?
i even try to change my MAC address , ip and cleaning registry but nothing happened !!! im using paltalk 9.9 the new version .
any commands?

4 thoughts on “how remove ban with paltalk 9.9?

  1. every thing is fine with this version but it was just for one day after that when we got into the room with multi–login it failed this is wut i have got
    unusual activity detected for room :(pt-5502)
    any idea !!
    thxxx :))))

  2. thx its working for me and one more thing ..
    wanna use a multi paltalk messenger a new version I MEAN , is there one in here or some where else ,i used one its name WAS filfel but not working properly !!!
    thx again Crack3r u guys are really awesome :)))

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