How to get out of paltalk rooms bounces and bans

Ok my peeps, this thing work for paltalk room bans and bounces, and some other bans lol

Follow this steps and I guarantee you get out of the room ban or bounce.

One thing it be best if you guys had

Windows 98: Cause there a step where u must change your Hard Drive serial, and in windows Xp and 2000 your computer will freeze and u will have to restart your computer. In Windows 98 and Me this wont happen 🙄

Connect to the internet via Dial up: cause paltalk bans your Ip Address and Mac Address and with Dial Up you dont have to worry about this 😈 .

First download Illuminati Antiban 2.4A here and install it.

Now follow this steps

1-Use the Illuminati Antiban 2.4A (If you dont know how to use it, lol just ask i will show you guys)(Another thif if u guys connect via Dial up u dont need to do step #2 just go to step #3)

2-This is only for people the got cable or dsl, You guys must change your Mac Address

For windows 98 and ME Learn how to change it here

For windows Xp and 2000 here
Than restart your computers.

3-Now log to paltalk with a different nick from a different email from the one you was ban or bounce,

Thats all folk now go fuck them assholes lol 😆

9 thoughts on “How to get out of paltalk rooms bounces and bans

  1. @marik wrote:

    Is Paltalk BanRemover working?,what is the best ban,bounce remover?

    well download it… and have a try if its working!!!
    Would suggest to create a system restore first so in case anything goes wrong, you can still turn the system back to it was 🙂



  2. Change computer info says

    if you have windows 98/mc change the first box if you have windows XP/2000 change the second box but the corresponding boxes are the wrong way round – have you not noticed this?

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