How to programmatically join a room?

I have a bot in a room which never crashes but occasionally Paltalk crashes and throws the bot out. I’d like to restart Paltalk when it crashes and reenter the room — all done by program. I can figure out everything up to logging Paltalk back in, but I don’t know anything about getting into a room once logged in. Is the only way to get into a room programmatically to issue menu commands to Paltalk? I’ve never sent menu commands to another process so I don’t know if it is difficult or easy to do. Any pointers?

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  1. What about adding the room to your favorites, then WM_COMMAND menu ID for favorites, Then select item of the list in favorites, send virtual key “Enter”

    Haven’t actually tried this , its just an idea…

  2. Thanks so much both of you. That will get me started as I didn’t know anything about issuing menu commands. I’ll probably start with the favorites method although eventually I’d like to join as an admin. -David

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