How to use Pal-cam For Paltalk

Hey gente boy a esplica esto en espanol soon 😀

Ok here we go. this proggie is real cool specially if u got a black nick, what it does is when u on a paltalk room and u seing a video, in order fo u too see the next frame of the vidoe u got to refresh it yourself, well this program does that for u easyly 😈 hey is better then refresh it yourself all the time jejjeje. ok now follow this steps lol

1- go to the room
2- open the video of the person you want to see, wait a couple of seconds untyl the scroller arow turns black i mean like this

ok now the video look like this

3- open the program Pal-cam For Paltalk which looks like this

Ok now click on the Black Arrow <- and drag it to the scroller arrow

Thas it folks just let it refresh by itself, 😈
If it doesnt work the first time try again it will work eventually ejjeje

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