Here is a small application that works the same as most spy programs, This program will be featured as one of the projects we build in the up coming “Paltalk Programming” video tutorials we have planned.

Below is a screenshot and small instructions on how to use…

This is not the finished product, but is just an example of some of the tutorials we planned for the Paltalk programming community.

* Fixed no refreshing framing of window while mouse is over
* Automatically Finds the handle in treeview after mouse up event
* Removed “Find” button, not needed
* Renamed “Get Handles” to Refresh, you don’t need to use refresh as its Auto refresh on mouse up even
* Show only Non owned and visible top level window only(waste of time showing Owned and hidden windows)
* Compiled for X86(X64 previous) to work on all systems
* minor code changes and speed improvements

6 thoughts on “HwndSpy

  1. Wuw…. I cant believe you made such a helping tool that also showes titles of the Buttons.. Awesome release bro… I missed this Post today… And I was looking for something like this for a long time, because the other Spy++ does not show text.. And I am able to copy the text as well … Very simple and easy..

    Thank youuuuuuuuu very much, I just tested it and it works great… I cant wait to start using it 😀

    I have a question, What is the DlgCtrlID used for?
    Thanks in advance

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