i Need Auto Answer for PM

hello guys , i’m looking for somthing i hope found it here
i just want ask about Auto answer not in the room
it on PM ,its small program you just add what you want in menu
for example :
if 12345 send pm to me and he said Hi , the auto answer he will say hi 2….
i had this program before 7 years but i lost it . its working with paltalk and msn
as i remember it was button Add . and 2 List , one for what i add ( Hi ) and the other what i answerd ( Hi 2). and there is timer the answer will be send after 1 to 30 sec.
i hope you help me to found it or the source code
many thanks you are the best 😉

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  1. I remember writing a program that did that, but it was a long time ago in vb6, I dont know if its the same program you are talking about, I dont think it is because you say it works for msn, this one I did was written for paltalk. Anyway either way I dont have the source code nor the exe anymore. Im sure there is some one here willing to make this program, there is’nt too much to it. If you code your self why dont you try and make this program and anything you get stuck on the members here will help you out.

  2. hello Departure thank you alot
    its ok i just want it work on paltalk , really im not good in VB im basic i wish someday will be good.
    im now using this program ( TixT by T W i Z A) its so nice Auto answer but in room Only.
    now i like this one SendTextAnyPalVerAutoDetect . i wish if there is auto answer 🙁

    im sorry i hope someone help me
    thank you alot guys your the best really the best

  3. this is a good idea … im thinking autoresponder from admin bot could transformer into autoPmrespond .. im just thinking .. maybe loco will figure it out …so do i :d.. so just online and leave that the progam ON then go to the party or shopping …no need to reply or conversation with friend or girlfriend :d .. the bot will do it all :d

  4. Thank you wazzzup , yes thats what i need , really im so tired of this
    even if i dont answer the pm they get mad or they think im ignore them . there is no program till now do this on Pm , im not lucky ,
    thank you all for what you do

  5. I’m thinking of writing this software, let me know if anyone else interested in it.

    Features will be:
    1. Log timestamp and messages even if paltalk goes down.
    2. Save as pm history

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