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imFiles new Website interface!

Today as one of the greatest Free Source websites, We are glad to announce our new Website with a new look and different interface for our members. Feel free to give us your feedback about our new interface.

What does People look for on a Website or a forum?

A site that represents the best. A site that dedicates its time for its Members. A Website that has a good reputation and provides full support for its members and for all its Content. And of course, A website that has an easy interface for the sake of interaction between the members and the website.

In this case, we hope that we already have accomplished that, and most importantly we still keep going with our long time colleagues and Team Of Staff on

About the new Interface

While befor our members had to create 2 different accounts and each account separately to use the forum and the website. But that has been changed now. You can now use the same account to interact and use our Website and the forum as well.

Throughout the years we have had a great support from our Members, and our forum staff has done an amazing job by helping within the forums and giving full support for our Programs and Software that is available on our Website. All the Software and Programs are published for educational purposes and for free use. It has been our goal to create a Website with an inbuilt forum where we could all interact on the same website which is more informative, inviting and engaging for our members.

While a website alone cannot convey the passion we have for Developing and Programming, plus having a great time online. We have still a good time to fully develope our new Website and our Programs. We are still using Imfiles ( as our Website and Slogan. So far no futher rebranding has been discussed.

When you have a few minutes, please review our new site. You will feel the commitment, the passion, and dedication of everyone on and our Team of Staff. We would appreciate your thoughts and support in future, and we hope that our new Website and efforts have resonated with you.

Please stay tuned over the next few months as we will be providing more news and releases on our new Web Interface.

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4 thoughts on “imFiles new Website interface!”

  1. @I agree, Looks nice too. But WP is a lot easier than Joomla thats for sure. Joomla is a real Pain. I am glad Loco didnt go for Joomla tbh. Loco have done a great job choosing this Skin and WP! Well Done Loco!

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