IMVU – Avatar Chat

IMVU Avatar Chat is Large than Life. Its one of the Most Popular Chat and Avatar Chat online. Own your own Crip and Get your own Yacht and park it in your own Iceland. In Imvu, Everything is possible. Imvu is an International Chat that supports more than 140 Countries and Multiple Languages. Its currently used by Millions over the whole world and for any ages.

You basicly Start with Creating a simple “Avatar” as its Called on Imvu. Get yourself some good friends and a room you want to join. Imvu has also its own Developer Group and Products. You can build and Develop your own Products on IMVU. And guess what, You will get Paid for it.

For Cool IMVU Tricks and Tutorial check our our IMVU Section in our forums by CLICKING HERE

We will add a Direct Download link for IMVU since IMVU is being Updated very regularely. Using the link below will always allow you to Download the Latest IMVU version for your Windows Computer.

Are you new to IMVU?

1) If you have never used IMVU befor, then we highly recommend that you visit IMVU.COM and create your Avatar through their Website.

2) You can then either Download the latest version from or Use the Download Link below provided by us here on imFiles.

Download IMVU – Avatar Chat

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