IP-Catcher & IP-Tracer (made by ChiNa-Man)

IP-Catcher & IP-Tracer (made by ChiNa-Man)

Watch the video TUTORIAL –> http://www.youtube.com/v/y3Tclnay_YU

1:~~~Give This Link To Ur Friend Or Victims
When he clicks on the link or past it in his browser,
you will get all his IP plus all his System info recorded in next section

2: ~~~ You Click On This Link To Trace The IP ~~~
All his info will be saved inside a TEXT-FILE
wich will be displayed on your screen, when you
visit the webpage.

Script and written and made by ChiNa-Man!


Hope you guys like it,,,By the way, there is also a link in the VIDEO description ON YOUTUBE AS WELL

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