is invisible really invisible?

how’s it possible for someone who has your name added to their paltalk friends list able to see you log onto paltalk while you’re invisible? is this possible and if you can how do you do it? thanks

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  1. there is no program like that on paltalk that i know of right now. The Only way for them to see u online when u are invisible is to open and type in that im to the person then ur name will light up for them

  2. someone keeps being able to see me when i log onto paltalk while do you say exactly they can do that??? sorry for being dense but i’m a little confused..thanks

  3. @Ghost wrote:

    Are you guys f****ng serious? There is no way to be invisible. f**k you all, srsly.

    NO U LIE
    paint-> white box over self -> invisible.

  4. well, it seem the people are doing som sort of trick again 🙂 it was posible to be invisble at one point, then paltalk stop it so ya neva know lets know 😈

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