Is It Possible to Create Apps For Other Chats? Any Ideas?

I have a few Friends and Members of our forum who is working as Staff and Helping out 2 to 3 different Chats Software.. Some with Beyluxe and some at CrownIM. And a few at another Chat called Palit or something… The Newly Chats has arround 50 to 200 users online daily and have been doing great as a free Chat Software!

All these guys working as a Support and people arround the Chat Servers are working for free at the moment! It means they dont get money for their help, and I personally think this is a great contribution to help out, And I am supporting the guys working there……

I was asked a few times, and today If its possible to create an Autogreetor. And I told them last time that I will have to talk to my other colleagues about it, and ask them of their opinion because its not an easy job. Especially when we dont know the Chat Softwares!

I am here to ask if its really worth the time and efforts to start creating Applications or maybe an AutoGreetor for other Chat Softwares! It could be cool to cover up a few other Chat applcations and I am def in for it. I wanna help out, but I also wanna know if this might give us or myself problems if there is any Laws in the EULA Laws about creating Apps. I really need your opinion and advice about it befor I even start.

If anyone else wanted to add some IDEAS, then feel free to do it! I am basicly trying to not only Stick with Paltalk but also try to help other Chat Softwares, Only if is easy to handle!

Many Thanks for reading this notice!

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  1. ‘@NYVE thanks bro, I managed to something about it. But still a lot of other work that still needs to be done 😀 !I cheat a lot and take shortcuts which is not good in Programing !

    New Updates : IM-Greeter for Crown IM
    Ok I figured out a lot in 48 Hours and even made a little AutoGreetor, with help of some Old Codes from Locos Paltalk Bot that we were using for Paltalk! So Its very possible to create Products for Crown IM even tho a few of the Important API’S are not working in Crown IM which got me extra lost! Plus that I cheated a bit by using some different techniques to get arround the Enable “Text on room join” like in Paltalk! I simple couldnt get any Text from the Room.. I must admit that I got very lost because I started with Beyluxe and I couldnt get any response from Beyluxe, so I went to see what Crown IM was about!

    In crown IM the chat-room and pm-chat classes have different names! Not the same as in Paltalk, I found also the some of the API’s not to work with Crown IM! And I also went a head without using our good old PalRoomSelector. But I have added the PalRoomSelector for other options that I had to use it for, and it def made it easier for me to figure our the Windows Names…. So a big thanks to Auto-Pilot for that….. Made my work easier……

    Here is an Image of the Finished Product.


    The product is in BETA for now and I will post it on here later because I am very exhausted right now!

    Thank you all for adding your Advice and Notes! Your are all the best……..

  2. Another Update:

    Now for the past 3 days I have had a lot of problems getting TEXT from the ROOMs or from ANYWHERE in Crown IM! I can only get WINDOW and some class names directly, but thats about it….. I couldnt get text from the Chat Fields or Chat Areas! I might be asking for help very soon, lol!

  3. @ChiNa-Man wrote:

    I wanna help out, but I also wanna know if this might give us or myself problems if there is any Laws in the EULA Laws about creating Apps.

    As long as your app only mimics what the user can already do, it will never break EULA. They may not like things like the color faders, but as long as you have the ability to create the text in wordpad and paste it into the chat, using the sendmessage/postmessage API does not “break” the EULA in any way.

    If you start modifying their app (loaders, patches, etc.) then you will definitely be in violation. And some chat applications are written in a way to prevent you from easily using the win32API.

    But feel free to check them out for your self. If they have a standard Edit or RichEdit control, then you can easily use the same methods as what we are using with Pal.

  4. Wow, Thank you all for the Quick Reply.

    @Chike, Ohh I didnt know that! Maybe because I wasnt using Paltalk befor. I started using it in 2009!

    @Departure, True! Its very hard do get the Text from the Rooms in Beyluxe. I tried it a few weeks ago but didnt succeed! I Never tried CrownIM, but I am going to! Thanks for the Note about the DELPHI Part….

    @Auto-Pilot, Thanks I wasnt sure if any of the EULA Laws have anything to do with 3rd party apps! Great thing to know!

    I will be adding updates in this section If I start working on Projects regarding Beyluxe, Crown IM or FireTalkNew!
    Many thanks for the Advice!

  5. Go for it … Crown IM looks very convincing … I lost faith in Beyluxe 🙂 … it takes hard work and testing to create a program … if you got some spare time … you should go for it

  6. Crown IM is using the beyluxe source code, the problem is getting the text, they are both coded in Delphi and uses a different component for displaying text to the room. One of the beyluxe programmers helped me out with this by adding windows messages so my apps could “talk” to beyluxe without finding handles ect.. ect.. Autopilot and myself played with this for awhile and he even converted it vb/net and C# if I remember. needless to say that was awhile ago and I am not sure if beyluxe still has this in the code since both Autopilot and myself left beyluxe.

  7. Ok so now 2 Days ago I finished my 2nd Product for Crown IM. Its a Text-Flooder and Chatter that allowes users to send Text in Room, with different shapes and sizes, and ofcourse in different Colors! I made this for Paltalk but I have to put many other options to it…. So I thought maybe I will release a simple one for Crown IM..

    CrownIM Chatter – Fancy Flooder :

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